Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Why Yngwie Malmsteen Is Totally Underrated

Who are the guitar players that come to mind when you think of the question “Who is the most underrated guitarist ever?” Although there exist many guitarists to choose from, I believe that absolute most underrated guitarist of all time is Yngwie Malmsteen. Why is this? There are many reasons! Here is just one:

Without a doubt, Yngwie Malmsteen has one of the best all time vibrato in his guitar playing. He can say much more with just ONE note than most guitarists can say with many notes. Additionally as Yngwie was a young guitarist growing up, his influences did not play with the same style of vibrato. This means his incredible vibrato and expression was a product of his own creative mastery. Learn how to improve your guitar playing by reading this Yngwie Malmsteen guitar lesson about why he is the most underrated guitarist.

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